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all you have to do is pull the handle!












We provide the margaritas! 

you provide the party!

Slush Your Mouth rents the best frozen drink machines throughout the Kansas City area providing refreshing and tasty beverages. Our drinks not only quench your guests’ thirst but also provide hours of entertainment because they are as fun to make as they are to drink. Give your guests an event to remember.

Plan your next party with Slush Your Mouth!


Are the machines easy to use?

Extremely! We make the first batch for you and place it in the machine. We can also mix your second batch and leave it in the jug so all you have to do is pour it in when you’re ready. Serving the drink is as easy as pulling the handle.

How long does it take to freeze the product?

About 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Electricity, and water, that’s it! Also alcohol, if you so wish.

What do I need to supply?

How much alcohol will I need to provide?

It depends on beverage size and number of drinks, and I will gladly advise.

Do I need to clean the machine?

Never! We take care of machine clean up after your party!



"We recently used Slush Your Mouth for a resident event at the community I manage and couldn't be happier with our decision! Rachel was extremely responsive, professional, and friendly! I highly recommend using them for your next event."

- Kelly M.

"Used Slush Your Mouth for our annual resident block party and it was a huge hit! Rachel was on time and explained everything to me very clearly so there was no issue with refilling the machine. They delivered the machine, set it up, and picked it up! We didn't even have to clean anything. Very reasonably priced and great customer service. Will use them again! Thank you!"

- Beth H.

"We used Slush your Mouth for one of our resident events and loved it! Very easy drop off/pickup process and not that expensive. Our residents loved it so much we ended up running out! We will definitely use them again."

- Commerce Tower Apartments

"Rachel is fantastic and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Slush Your Mouth for your next event!"

- Russ P.